You can TRAIN MORE 4 LESS COST & LESS MAINTENANCE with the new T4E line of training guns. The TM-4 Carbine Rifle is an authentic replica of the M4 rifle with very similar external mechanical functions and weight as the M4 firearm. Ammo capabilities of the TM-4 include .43 caliber rubber ball, dust ball, and paintball – all of which use the exact same magazine. We also offer a licensed HK416 T4E rifle that matches the actual firearm closely for authentic training. New to 2015, a polymer duty-style pistol is now available – the Walther PPQ has gas blowback action and shoots T4E ammo using CO2.

Download the T4E PPQ M2 LE Training Pistol Information Sheet (PDF).

Download theĀ T4E TM4 Training Rifle Information Sheet (PDF).

Download the T4E HK416 Training Rifle Information Sheet (PDF).

Download the T4E PPQ Training Pistol Information Sheet (PDF).

TM-4 rifle overview from SHOT Show 2015

Why Our Customers Love our T4E Products

After talking with numerous police and military trainers at SHOT Show, we know that the most appealing traits of our T4E Firearm Training Products are:


In many trainer rifles, maintenance is time consuming and expensive. The TM-4 has a modern design that centralizes the wear parts into a single replaceable bolt assembly that can easily be swapped out after 5000 rounds. Even the magazine is designed to be impact resistant and is durable with the weight and feel of a full M4 magazine.


With a simpler to maintain design and some new advancements in training rifles, this full training rifle system has lower operational costs while also reducing maintenance.

T4E-vs-Simunition-Cost-Comparison (PDF file)


This is not a cheap paintball gun with a hopper on the top. This is a complete M4 Style training rifle that has an authentic feel, look, weight, function, and experience that is in the firearm. People who are training can work on nearly all force-on-force skills without the cost & safety challenge of live ammunition. The difference between the training rifle and the firearm is the kickback intensity & sound level – both will be higher with the firearm.

View this video that shows special forces training with T4E in Europe. NOTE: Their configuration for T4E excludes the blue elements seen on U.S. T4E guns. Some of the techniques used in the video are from the group who filmed the video and may not reflect what your organization considers standard practice.


Several professional firearms and tactical trainers really like the concept of having a full training rifle system instead of an add-on kit that requires a firearm to operate. The TM-4 cannot be converted to a firearm, cannot use firearm ammunition, and cannot be easily confused with a firearm because of the blue marking. Because trainers don’t have to use add-on kits, they spend less time on maintenance. For safety reasons, many trainers refuse to convert a training firearm back to a standard firearm by swapping out the kit – this is not an issue with T4E training guns.


Having training rifles and firearms in separate locations and different markings makes safe exercises much easier to manage. The separation of live ammo rifles and training rifles also reduces the risk of firearms getting mixed into training rifle conversions. The TM-4 shoots less-than-lethal ammo that provides an authentic experience without the high risk of simulated ammunition. With one TM-4 rifle system, 3 different approaches can easily be used – rubber ball for extra exercise intensity, dust ball for immediately visible hits, and paintball for permanent visible hits.

See why Guns America is excited about our TM-4 in their Gun Vs. Gun Training Rifles article.