Not only is T4E easier to maintain, it reduces your overall training cost significantly. You can Train More and Spend Less!

T4E Cost Comparison Sheet-1
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T4E Product Overview

T4E Rifles: The T4E Rifle system is a full unit not a conversion or modification to an existing firearm. They are CO2
powered air guns using Rubber Balls (these can be reused if collected, cleaned and inspected after firing), Powder Dust
Markers and Paintball Markers all in .43 caliber. The guns have standard AR Platform Functions, using Mil Spec Design.
External furniture and accessories can be changed and added to replicate custom individual setup requirements.
The magazine will hold up to 14 rubber ball rounds and recommend to use 13 of the powder or paint markers to prevent
excess pressure rupture. Each CO2 can fire approx 40 rounds before requiring a change. This allows for up to 3 refills of the
ammo in the magazines during use of each CO2 capsule.

T4E Pistols: The T4E Walther PPQ M2 pistols are a complete unit. They fire all 3 types of rounds from the same magazine
using CO2 power to propel each round at approx 330 fps. The Magazine holds 8 rounds and the CO2 capsule. Each Co2 can fire
up to 32 rounds at full power allowing the magazine to be refilled with ammo up to 4 times. The T4E Walther PPQ M2 has
adjustable rear sight, picatinny rail and fits the duty holsters for the Walther PPQ, Walther P99, Smith & Wesson M&P, and the
G21 model firearms.

T4E Cost Comparison: The most notable advantage of the T4E system is the cost and cost to operate. The T4E
system will have a cost per round fired at approx 6 to 8 1/2 cents and a sim system is between .65 to .80 cents a round fired.
For less than the cost of 3000 sim rounds (approx $2000+) an agency can purchase 2 TM-4 rifles, 4 extra magazines, 200 CO2
capsules and 8000 rounds of ammo or 6 T4E Walther PPQ M2 pistols, 6 additional magazines, 200 CO2 capsules and 8000
rounds of Powder or Paintballs.

The LE cost of the TM-4 is approx $599 this includes the TM-4, magazine, heavy carry/storage case and an additional bolt
assembly. The cost of additional magazines is approx $55. Each additional bolt assembly is available for approx $30. The CO2 is
$8 for a box of 12. The .43 caliber ammo (powder, and paintballs) is $28 for a 430 count package or in a bulk box of 8000 is
$230 to $270. The cost for an upper sim system, consisting of a complete upper assembly with a conversion bolt kit is approx
$750. The sim system also requires the use of a complete lower from a firearm, if you add this cost of approx $350+ it
increases the unit to $1100 and up. The T4E Walther PPQ LE Blue model will cost approx $220 and come with 2 magazines, a
hard case and cleaning squeegee. Additional magazines are $45. The cost for a sim handgun conversion kit is approx $300.

The ammo cost with CO2 will average between 5 to 8 1/2 cents a round fired. The ammo for the sim system is much more
expensive between .65 cents and .80 cents a round. Sim systems also recommend the use of special body protection adding to
their cost.

Safety and Accuracy: The T4E system is ideal for force on force, close quarter and active shooter training. The speed
of the projectile is rated at 330 FPS on the rifle and 355 FPS on the pistols. The powder and paint marking balls have the best
accuracy at 30 feet which makes them ideal for close quarters training. The impact will be felt (it hurts) but not penetrate
clothing, skin or protective gear allowing use in an extreme close range. When using sim systems you are required to wear
heavy body protection as the smaller rounds can penetrate regular clothing and skin that can require surgical removal.
Training with T4E only requires head and face protection like that used in air soft and paintball games. To signify that it is a
training weapon the magazine and parts of the stocks on the gun are blue in color. The noise generated by the T4E system is
quieter, the same noise as that of a standard CO2 air gun. T4E cannot be converted into a real firearm, making it even safer
without the risk of loading live ammunition into a training gun.

Ease of Maintenance: The cleaning of the T4E marking system is that of a standard air gun using Elite Force Slick or
T4E Oil "synthetic based air gun oil". The changing of the rifle bolt assembly (when worn at approx 3500 rounds) is a simple
procedure and can be accomplished with minimal tools. The replacement or seal rebuild kit for the magazine when worn out.

Cleanup: The guns are easy to disassemble, clear and clean powder or paint debris ensuring proper performance. The
main factor in marking guns is keeping them clean for best function. The T4E system also allows for easier cleanup of powder
and rubber balls after training in borrowed facilities such as a school classroom used on weekend training sessions.

Realistic Feel and Durability: The T4E markers are designed as 1 to 1 replicas of the actual firearms with the same
weight and designed for durability. All the standard features work the same as a real firearm. The forward assist button on the
rifles is the only feature that is purely cosmetic but it gives the feel of normal function. The sights are adjustable for best
accuracy. The magazine has the weight of a loaded firearm magazine and is made of reinforced polymer to prevent damage
from dropping during use.