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Less than Lethal Self Defense - T4E HDP 50


Cinematic simulations and lasers ramp up the adrenaline, but the screens don’t shoot back. Training For Engagement (T4E®) knows that when lives are on the line, mistakes sting. The cost of training should be much less painful.

T4E markers make an impression. The .43 caliber paintballs hit hard, and the results are easy to see. Dust balls are just as visual, and pack even more punch. For those who want or need a more cost-effective round, T4E offers reusable rubber balls. These .43 caliber balls are like airsoft on steroids that hit hard at over 300 fps. The impact isn’t easy to forget.

T4E’s line of training guns is just as impressive. These are exact copies of the rifles used by the military and many law enforcement officers: the M4 and an HK416. For training with standard handguns, T4E offers the TPM1, Smith & Wesson* M&P*9 M2.0*, and Walther PPQ® M2 model markers. On top of all that, the HDS .68 caliber shotgun and TR50 .50 caliber revolver round out this versatile training equipment list.


When training for life's scenarios, think T4E for high impact, realistic, and cost-effective force-on-force training tools. Some common training platforms can run as much as $1.00 per round. T4E’s markers cost under $.10 per round. Even small departments and security agencies with modest budgets can afford to train more.

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Training 4 Engagement

You can train more for less cost and maintain proficiency with the T4E (Training 4 Engagement) line of military, law enforcement, and security training equipment. T4E paintball guns are authentic, highly effective less-than-lethal training tools with very similar external physical attributes as your duty weapon. Ammo capabilities of the T4E line includes .43 caliber rubber ball, dust ball, and paintball – all of which use the exact same magazine. We offer a TM-4 Carbine paintball marker rifle and an officially licensed HK416 T4E paintball rifle that match their firearm counterparts closely for authentic training and scenario exercises. Several polymer-framed duty-style paintball pistols are also available – the TPM1, Walther PPQ, and the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 all feature realistic slide cycling action and shoot T4E ammo using readily available and disposable CO2 cartridges. T4E, a brand of Umarex, provides law enforcement and military training equipment with authentic weight, feel and action to provide the most realistic training experience with the least cost possible. Training with these paintball guns provides better quality training and better reaction to real-life scenarios. With the quality and service that come standard with T4E products, you can train more and spend less.



These precisely formed .50 caliber dust balls are inert and shatter into a dust cloud upon impact for immediate visual affirmation.

P2P RUBBER BALLS .50 CAL 10 count

Tube of 10 rubber balls for HDP 50 pistol.


T4E 10 Count .50 Caliber Pepper Balls