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T4E CO2 Guide : Markers and Pepper Pistols

The air-powered gun world is a little different than the firearm world. Both devices more or less function the same, but the biggest differences come in how they arrive at the same conclusion-- launching a projectile from the muzzle. If you have picked up either a T4E training marker or a T4E Prepared 2 Protect pepper pistol like the HDP 50 for the first time, check out this guide on using and maintaining your T4E product.

How Does the CO2 System Work?

All T4E guns, whether training markers or pepper pistols are powered by CO2. However, there are two basic configurations for the CO2 in the device or the magazine. All existing Prepared 2 Protect pistols use a single 12-gram cartridge that is loaded into the grip of the handgun. All of the P2P versions also use the “Quick Pierce” system. This system requires the tip of the CO2 cartridge to be loaded into the gun pointing down, toward the bottom of the grip. In other words, insert the rounded end of the cartridge first.

T4E markers can be configured with standard magazines or Quick Pierce magazines. If you are using a Quick Pierce magazine in your T4E training pistol, insert the 12-gram CO2 cartridge with the tip pointing toward the magazine’s valve (the top of the magazine), or in other words with the rounded end toward the bottom where the Quick Pierce charging button is located.

The standard magazine requires the CO2 to be installed with the tip pointing toward the top of the magazine. This style of magazine will puncture the CO2 when the CO2 puncture screw is tightened manually by turning the screw clockwise (righty-tighty). It is very important that the CO2 screw is not overtightened.

Overtightening this screw can destroy the magazine's puncture seals and possibly the entire magazine. Tight enough is tight enough. When tightening the CO2 screw you should hear a small hiss when the seal is broken. Turn the screw until the hiss stops. Usually, this is between 1/16th and ¼ turn from where the cartridge is punctured.

CAUTION: CO2 is very cold when the gas escapes. Avoid holding your hand over the area where the small pointed end of the cartridge is. Be sure to read the warnings and cautions that come with the CO2 cartridges you purchase.

Maintaining Your T4E Marker

While the Prepared 2 Protect pistols aren’t likely to be used with great frequency, they still need a little maintenance. Once you have used the device enough to feel comfortable with deploying it as intended, placing a couple of drops of T4E oil on the o-ring and puncture needle of the gun will help ensure readiness when it is time to puncture the CO2.

Likewise, T4E training marker magazines and charging screw threads need to be doused with a few drops of silicone oil every other CO2 change as well.

T4E and Prepared 2 Protect Quick Pierce Particulars

While we addressed a few details about the Quick Pierce magazines and guns earlier, we need to briefly revisit this style of CO2 system. Once the CO2 cartridge is inserted into the Quick Pierce magazine, tighten the main part of the screw or lift wheel until the CO2 cartridge is seated firmly in place.

Now that the CO2 cartridge is staged, the Quick Pierce mechanism can be engaged for use. Be sure to hit the protruding knob firmly to break the seal of the cartridge. The knob does have a sticker that says “Push”. This is a little misleading as simply pushing on the knob will not break the seal, unless you are Hafthor Bjornsson. Swatting with the palm of your hand or bringing the knob down on a solid surface will break the seal very easily.

Removal of the spent cartridge is essentially the reverse of the installation. However, on T4E training markers, there is a degassing tool that will assist in evacuating the remaining CO2 from the cartridge. This little tool slides over the rear portion of the valve assembly. When the tool is in place, simply press the back of the tool and the valve will open and empty the cartridge. Now the wheel can be turned counterclockwise to lower the tension on the cartridge.

Prepared 2 Protect pepper products like the P2P HDP50 are designed to be used with rubber or powder-based projectiles only. Using these products with paint projectiles can result in busted paintballs inside of the gun.

Proper care of your T4E product will help ensure it lasts a long time. Magazine rebuild kits are available for the drop-free magazine version of T4E guns. Also, ammo and accessories like T4E oil are also available through

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10/1/2021 3:53 PM
UMAREX pros:  I recently purchased the T4E HDS .68 cal sawed off shotgun.   How wonderful is that ?!  I’m totally satisfied with everything about this great product.  The hard rubber .68 cal balls work excellent, but being inquisitive, I found that the 16 ga. plastic wad cups can be altered to hold a myriad of self-defense ammo that is quite impressive at gunfight distances.   I have a question… why does UMAREX USA not carry for sale the same projectiles that UMAREX Germany offers?  Especially the shot shells using air soft ammo!

Keep up the great work !
Anaheim, CA